Jamie Lee Hamilton
for Vancouver School Board

Canada Bullying Statistics and Facts:

⦁ Punching, shoving, teasing, spreading bad rumors, keeping certain people out of a group, getting certain people to “gang-up” on others are all forms of bullying

⦁ One in seven Canadian children aged 11 to 16 are victims of bullying

⦁ 25% of children in grades 4 to 6 have been bullied

⦁ In majority of cases, bullying stops within 10 seconds when peers intervene, or do not support the bullying behavior

⦁ Adults who were bullied as children are more likely to suffer from depression in adulthood Source: Craig &. Pepler, 1997

As a school trustee, I am committed to address school based bullying in all its forms as we need our kids to be safe; safe to learn and grow and not be undermined or distracted by meanness, violence or abuse.Most kids who are bullied are bullied because they are seen as “different” – so with Vancouver and BC being THE most diverse city and province in Canada we must do more to keep our schools safe because all kids are unique. We have rich tapestry of kids from every culture and community and we should foster a climate of celebration for difference not fear.If we can foster a community of respect for difference, a community where people; teachers, staff, parents and kids all look out for each other and not tolerate disrespect, abuse or bullying, we will have created a path for our kids to become the change we hope for, to change the norms that once allowed hate and to replace that with respect.


It has come to light that there are unacceptable levels of lead in drinking water in BC Schools including Vancouver and the silence regarding this is quite alarming. We have not been informed how many schools are affected and whether parents of school children have been informed of this public health risk. It is quite scary in fact that unsuspecting students can be drinking contaminated and highly toxic water. There is an official School Trustee in place of a democratically elected Board of Trustees and instead of trying to tell candidates what our responsibilities are perhaps she should be considering her own responsibilities until a new elected Board is in place. Why the Trustee hasn’t made this information readily available is  deeply troubling. I am being asked about this matter on the campaign trail and am doing my due diligence to uncover the facts and sadly there is no public information available. This is distressing as Vancouver area children are at danger of  lead poisoning. Immediately information needs to be shared so that alternate sources of drinking water can be found for area schools affected. This should be a top priority for all Board of Education candidates but no one is talking about this danger. This is scary and we need to be informed. At the information meeting scheduled for Tuesday September 26 which the government appointed Trustee will inform candidates what our responsibilities are if elected, I will in fact demand some accountability from her regarding safeguarding students health. This issue must be a top priority before anything else.


  • promotes strong city-wide anti-bullying campaigns in Schools
  • is lobbying for an Indigenous Centre of Excellence to assist Indigenous students into post secondary institutions
  • will restore the  band and strings music programs cut by previous Boards
  • advocates Educational & Preventative programs in School Curriculum regarding the Opioid Crises
  • will fight against any attempts to close or sell off Schools
  • will ensure fairness and respect in the workplace for teachers, students and other staff
  • a strong and passionate advocate for well funded public education


While tens of thousands came out for the Walk for Reconciliation this past Sunday, I would hope that these people who walked also carefully consider their ballot choices this October 14 in the municipal School Board by-election race. In the public education system Aboriginal students are being pushed through in order to get their graduation numbers up. While grad numbers are up for Indigenous students from a dismal 20% to 40% and while this might seem impressive, however, there is another area which we need to examine. Indigenous students are failing to qualify for entrance to post secondary institutions and if some are fortunate to gain entrance they struggle badly with the education requirements. 
It is important that we as elected School Trustees bring together interested stake-holders and develop a comprehensive plan to remedy this. An area where my campaign for School Board is focused on is creating an Indigenous Centre of Excellence. This program would be open to Indigenous and non Indigenous students alike where they learn of the rich cultural history of Aboriginal people. I would hope that the curriculum would focus entirely on cultural studies and I believe this is one tool but a significant one which we can employ to assist students with a bridge to higher learning. 
A spin-off and great benefit to the general public of course would help bring an end to racism and racist stereotyping in our society. As non-Indigenous students learn of the erasure of cultural identities and traditional ways of life for our first peoples this is one of the best ways to bring awareness and foster cultural harmony. In the long-term this will go a long way toward restorative justice for our First Nations which ensures our students are equipped to access and thrive in the higher post secondary institutions. My proposed Centre of Indigenous Excellence, I believe, is a major step along the path toward real and true reconciliation.
Please vote Jamie Lee Hamilton for School Board on October 14, 2017
To donate online follow . To donate via Cheque in the mail, 402 – 1067 Seymour Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5S4 | Please No Cash |


604-446-2489  //  // @QueenOfTheParks


About JamieLeeHamilton

I’m happy to announce that I will be seeking election to the Vancouver School Board in the upcoming election. My campaign will focus on “Keeping our education public” and bringing integrity back to politics. Please see my about page for my proud history of public service, community activism & advocacy. Thank You.

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