A platform to make a difference.

  • Ensuring a referendum vote is held on the controversial  Whale and Dolphin captivity issue
  • Restoring the free Stanley Park Shuttle Service
  • Addressing safety issues caused by bike lanes at the West End English Bay/Cactus Club crosswalk and Ceperly park playground
  • Creating a replacement outdoor pool for  Mount Pleasant children
  • Placing water fountains in all Vancouver parks
  • Installing accessible washrooms in all Vancouver parks.
  • Introducing a livable wage policy requirement for private operations at all Park Board facilities
  • Placing Hastings Park under Park Board governance
  • Building a new Rainbow Community & Cultural Center for LGBTQ citizens
  • Removing user fees for children and families at the outdoor Stanley park second beach pool.
  • Requiring private operators at Park Board facilities to have the affordable fish & chips on concession menus
  • Making the 2.5 acres of parks for every 1000 residents mandated park board policy
  • Improving  collaboration and working relationship with Community Centers on their Joint Operating Agreements and the OneCard
  • Bringing back Park Board meetings to the neighborhood Community Centers

 – authorized by Allison McDonald official agent

About JamieLeeHamilton

I’m happy to announce that I will be seeking election to Park Board in the upcoming November 15, 2014 election. My campaign will focus on “Keeping our Parks Public” and bringing integrity back to politics. Please see my about page for my proud history of public service, community activism & advocacy. Thank You.

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